What if you could provide WiFi to your customers, and make it pay for itself?

Our WiFi system gives you a way to start earning from your WiFi. Cover your Internet costs, build customer loyalty, and much more...

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No Configuration

No Configuration

We provide you with a fully configured router ready to go. Our standard router is suitable for most average sized coffee shops, but we have larger scale solutions available for bigger public areas to suit all needs…

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Simple Solution

Simple Solution

Most restaurants, cafes, pubs/bars, and other public facing venues, such as children’s soft play or activity centres will want to provide free WiFi. But it can get complicated quickly, controlling it. We make it simple…

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Earn Revenue

Earn Revenue

Our unique system means that not only do you get the added benefit of providing your customers with free WiFi, but you have a potential of earning revenue too, from your customer’s online purchases…

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Already Provide Wifi?

It’s quite possible you already provide some free WiFi. Most people use off the shelf routers and set either no password or have a shared password. The trouble is, you miss out on a whole host of opportunities such as:

  • Email marketing to your customers
  • Sending special offers via an App
  • Earning revenue from related purchases
  • Public hotspots worldwide





    How Does It Work?

    It’s a simple process, we send you a pre-configured router, that you simply plug in. You connect it to your existing broadband connection – and that’s it! Your Public WiFi will be up and running in a couple of minutes.


    When someone connects to your hot spot, they’ll get a welcome screen with your company name/logo, and will need to register to use the WiFi (just their name, and email). They’ll have an opportunity to request further updates/special offers from you, and that means over time, you can send out emails to your list talking about your latest promotions.


    Once they’ve connected, they’ll get an advert before they close the screen to use the WiFi. This advert will be for a product, or series of products, tailored specifically to your industry. For example, if you’re a coffee shop, they’ll get an advert to buy some coffee for home from one of our trusted partners. If they click on that advert and buy the coffee, you’ll get a commission, meaning you’re not only providing a valuable service of WiFi to your customers, you’re earning from it too!

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    Tailor Made Equipment

    Tailor Made Equipment

    Our bespoke, hand-made routers are tailored specifically to your requirements. We make sure that it’s fully working out of the box, before shipping it. This means that all you’ve got to do is open the box, plug it in, and you’re ready to provide public WiFi and earn!

    Tailor Made Equipment